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Fic: The Ultimate Bottle Episode (2/3)

May. 6th, 2014 | 11:13 pm

Title: The Ultimate Bottle Episode (2/3)
Author: supercapo
Rating: pg-13
Summary: Basic Sandwich AU where the group gets trapped in Borcharts bunker and have to deal with the fallout in a closed confined space.

In which things get real...Collapse )

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Oct. 19th, 2012 | 11:56 pm


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fic: Time Desk Returns

Oct. 16th, 2012 | 06:21 am

Title: Time Desk Returns (8/8)
Author: Supercapo
Rating: PG-13 (for swears)
Word count: 5,803
Disclaimer: If I had a time desk I'd go and replace Dan Harmon as the creator of Community.
Spoilers: through season 3


“And I got to see you as a kid!" Annie smirked. "You were super cute, not sure what happened between then and now though…Collapse )

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Enemy of the Dark Lord: A Retrospective Episode 1

Apr. 23rd, 2007 | 10:01 pm
location: My room. ON MY LAPTOP!
mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: Braveheart

For nearly a year now I've had a constant writing project. One that me and several other individuals have labored and toiled on relentlessly. I've had to sometimes wear my GM hat and use my GM stick to get things done. For the most part things turned out the way I wanted. I'm talking of course about my RP

Enemy of the Dark Lord: A Tragic Romance.

It actually started as a throw away idea. I'd had this idea for a fic. It would start about a year before K1 and chronicle the fall of Darth Revan and show how Bastila was his cheif Enemy.

I never got very far on this fic. It started with Revan and Malak invading Revan's homeworld, Deralia. Before the invasion both he and Bastila had dreams that foreshadowed what would eventually happen in K1.

The Republic planned their counter attack on the Sith and Revan and Malak stormed the Citadel of Deralia. That was where I got stuck. The reason why? Sareth Carn.

See I wanted to show the type of person Revan was. That he wasn't a mindless killer but someone that was very deliberate in his actions and that actually had something of a code of honor.

So I created Sareth Carn, the Senator of Deralia. Where all the other governmental leaders cowered before Revan she was to stand firm. And because of it Revan would show a bit of honor.

But things never turn out the way you plan it when you write. I usually try to let the characters lead the story. Let them call the shots. Its something very instinctual and hard to control. Perfect example was my fic Silver Shadows. I got stuck on that one for nearly a year because for the life of me I couldn't get the two main characters to fall in love and cooperate unless I forced it. Which wasn't right.

I had the opposite problem with my Enemy story. For the life of me when I started writing interaction between Revan and Sareth I couldn't NOT get them to not start liking each other. She was such a good foil to him.

I messed around with having Revan kill her off right awy but...that didn't feel right either. I was throwing away a character that I felt had a lot of potential. But I couldn't have them fall in love because I wanted Revan to fall for Bastila and have unrequited love.

So I dropped the whole thing.

A month or so later in a fit of boredom I decided that this story might be good fodder for an RP. Just something that me and some fellow RPer's could use as a side RP while we toiled away at other ones.

So I posted Enemy sans the character of Sareth Carn because it was she that ruined the story version.

I got what I felt to be a great cast. Many of them I'd worked with in the past. There was Sarah who would play Bastila, she'd been with me in C1 and Unforseen as well as some others. I couldn't be more thrilled for her to be playing Bastila. I had my Round Robin buddy, RedmageNeko playing Malak. This again I thought was perfect casting. Mythra would play Marlee an OC Jedi as well as Kavar. I knew Kat would be perfect for Marlee who I knew would be one of the most tragic characters in the Rp. I also had DJ as HK-47 and a bunch of other smaller roles. I felt these would be good roles for him to grow as an RPer.

Then I had a couple people I hadn't worked with. DarthRedhead was recommended to me with the words "She plays a great Atton.", that worked for me. Then there was True_Exile_47. He was the big question mark in the group. But he was playing Carth who was an important character but not *too* important.

So with my cast in place I set to work on Enemy.

It started out exactly like my story. Dreams and battle plans. Red did fantastic job with his Malak lines. You could really see how Revan and Malak had a friendship that was being strained by them being Sith Lords. Even though they hadn't realized it yet. Sarah played a Bastila that was still untested in battle. It worked well. Kat did great as an authoritative Kavar and a smart Marlee. DJ began experimenting with his characters. And Amy proved that the talk of her dynamic Atton to be dead on.

Things were going according to my exact plan.

Then the RP gained a mind of its own.

Marcus, my oc Jedi kissed Marlee, True Exile created an awesome oc character to be a partner to Atton, and he played a fantastic Nihilus. Sarah also took on a pre-"sleeps with vibroblades" Sion.

I had Revan and Malak storm the Citadel just like in my story. Then I had to decide. It just didn't feel right without Sareth. I had to have *someone* stand up to Revan and bring out his semi-noble side.

At first I just had Sareth included in my posts. I figured I could control her best that way. But already the ground work for the character was laid. This time by Red. He had his Malak make Revan protect her. He had his Malak suggest that Revan liked her. He goaded Revan on.

Still I was determined that Revan wouldn't fall for Sareth. I had Revan go about his business and what not. A Council of Sith Lords. More nightmares. But I still needed to get rid of Sareth. My plan was to have Revan release her, therefore showing honor and clearing the problem of them becoming involved.

I decided though that it would be fun to have someone bot her because then it wasn't me making a couple of ginormous posts with Revan talking to her. So I offered the role to my cast members. Amy took the character on and made it her own.

I don't know what happened. I don't recall Amy and I discussing Revan and Sareth getting together. In fact both of us inisted that they weren't. Even though our posts were clearly leading in that direction. Amy picked up on this fairly early and Sareth grew closer to Revan with each post.

Meanwhile this RP with a mind of its own grew in other ways. Sion came out in open revolt against Revan. Revan beat the everloving snot out of him. In a stunning move True Exile killed off Dax Sevron and had Nihilus transform into the K2 version much earlier than I'd anticipated. Marcus got himself thrown into prison by trying to Force Persuade Carth.

As for the romance I was determined not to happen? Revan and Sareth grew closer than ever. Even spending the night together, albeit in a chaste way. While he slept Sareth secretly arrainged for the rescue of Zezz-Kai-Ell. They also began flirting with each other. Then they went to get breakfast and Sion came along and tried to kill them. He lost an eye to Sareth's hair pin and was left for dead.

Revan and Sareth flew back to Deralia and it was there that the final decision to have them get together was made. I'd talked a bit with Amy about it and finally decided that it was dumb fighting the thing. And that it led to better story possibilities in the long run. I could still have Revan fall for Bastila and try to cheat on Sareth. I would have my cake and eat it too. Plus the whole mess with Sareth brought out great character moments with both Revan and Malak. It showed Revan being very human and his deteriorating friendship with Malak.

So Revan and Sareth shared a kiss just before disembarking the shuttle onto the Deralian surface where she was to be named Governess.

I thought I had this RP figured out at that point.

Boy oh boy was I wrong.

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Booh fricken yah!

Feb. 15th, 2007 | 09:42 pm
location: teh lounge
mood: chipperchipper
music: ironically enough...Pirates

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow is the hero of Pirates of the Caribbean. He is a true swashbuckling pirate and is one of Johnny Depp's best film roles. Jack Sparrow is a lovable rogue who always seems to come out on top in any situation.

Pirate Quiz by LJ Quiz

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Feb. 12th, 2007 | 08:10 pm
location: teh lounge
mood: contentcontent
music: Revenge of the Sith

Booyah! You can all kiss my Alturistic loving butt!


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The Twin Demons and Faith

Feb. 1st, 2007 | 08:04 pm
location: teh lounge
mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: Cake

English class was very interesting today. We talked alot about the Heroic Journey and life. Really cool stuff. Dealt with Jungian psychology and all that. Here were some things that in particular struck me.

Part of the essay we discussed talked of two demons. I'll paraphrase somewhat but also add my own personal experience with it.

There are two demons that we all face every morning. It doesn't matter if we defeated these demons the day before. They're revived and renewed every day. Its a constant struggle that we must face our entire lives.

The Demons are Fear and Lethargy.

The Demon of Lethargy eggs us in to inaction. Intices us to sit back and forget about the things we know we must do to attain a real life. It can be a desire to sleep in. A inclination to spending our time on trivial things.

I hate to say it but I'm guilty of this one a lot. Most people in the Western World are I think. We have too many distractions, movies, T.V., video games, and the internet. All of them distract us from real life. Instead of actively going out and doing things we sit back and see if there's something else on a different channel.

Worse is that we all constantly desire to do something. We want adventure, we want excitement, we want life. Instead though we do things that let us simulate those things. T.V. and movies are extremely passive things that require us to do nothing in order to simulate that.

Video games are worse because it creates that feeling of doing something even stronger. But the problem is we don't actually do anything. We save the princess yes. But once you turn the machine off you haven't accomplished anything.

I'm guilty of that.

The same is true with the internet. It serves as a massive distraction from our real heroic journey that we must take to become a true human being.

Now I'm not trying to harp on these things. Or people that participate in them. Heck I do it all the time! And there's nothing wrong with a little diversion. But I worry that myself and others have gotten so far into it that we have lost a true sense that its just a distraction not a life.

The Demon of Fear is also one I'm guilty of.

It tells us that we can't do the things we wish to accomplish. It tells me for example that the girl I yearn to speak with wouldn't say more than two words to me. Usually those words in my mind are "Get Lost".

Fear says that I'm stupid, that there's something wrong with me and I shouldn't even try at the things I want because I'll only fail. Fear gives me the excuses I need to not try.

But in my life I've noticed that the good things that have happened to me have been a result of me getting past fear. Even if I don't accomplish my goal.

Take what happened between Alisha and I. I spent a year fearing that if I tried to talk to her again, To resolve what happened between us I'd fail. That she'd think I was a psycho, or that she'd tell me that she hated me. Or that she would no longer think I was a good guy anymore.

When I finally did talk to her again. I didn't achieve what I wanted. We didn't get back together and we definetly won't be talking again anytime soon. Maybe never.

That said though, I have more peace now because I did it. I no longer feel bound by that fear. I feel free again! Finally free to pursue other girls. Now I just have to get over the fear of talking to them. Daily struggle.

Then there's Faith.

When Alisha dumped me I really got pissed at God. I had Faith that if I prayed hard enough, he could change things. Open her heart and show her that things weren't like she saw it.

I felt my Faith had gone unanswered.

Now I'd already resloved those feelings before today. I've come to realize that Alisha has her own free will and she is too locked in her own fear to have a relationship with me or any other man. But I realized something about myself.

When I felt God was slapping my Faith back at me I didn't realize that it wasn't Faith in God I was showing. It was Faith in the thing I wanted. I had convinced myself that what I wanted was so important, and that if I believed enough God would surely grant it.

But my Faith was misplaced. It should have been on God and Christ. I should have had Faith that if it was their will it would be so. I ignored that. If I'd kept that perspective then my Faith wouldn't have waivered because I would have known that they were in charge and that while things didn't go the way the way I wanted things would still work out.

Another thing I'd forgetten is that Faith is a principle of Action. We can't have Faith without acting. Faith without action is Hope. You have to actively assert yourself to make Faith work. Through prayer, through fasting, through studying the scriptures, and through actively seeking out the thing it is you want.

I can have all the Faith I want that God will help me pass a test but it won't do me a bit of good if I don't act on it and take the test and study it. Only then will God bless my endeavor. Only then will I have Faith.

Anyways just a few thoughts that have been floating around my head today.

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My strangest dream ever? Possibly

Jan. 18th, 2007 | 01:55 pm
location: teh Lounge
mood: creativecreative
music: Halo 3 Trailer!!!

So the other night I had one of those dreams that just makes you say:


So it all started out normal. Me walking out from my apartment. It's on the second floor. So when I walk out I'm on a little balcony/walkway thing. Well instead of walking to the stairs and going down. I just jumped. But I jumped and flew.

Now the strange thing was it gave me an explanation as to how I was able to fly. You see I didn't fly to class. No the next thing I know. I'm flying to Never Never Land.

And I'm wearing green.

Okay so somehow I turned to Peter Pan. Actually I was Peter Pan from Hook. Because I went and fought Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook.

Well next thing I know I'm flying to my old home. Where my Sister and her husband live. I land there and who should be waiting for me on the front porch but Jessica Alba.


Jessica Alba.

She starts getting mad at me for not supporting the family or something. And I just say something to the effect of. "You're not my mom! I have to go fight Captain Hook!"

I start flying again and get way high into the air. When I suddenly and inexplicably start falling. No idea why. So I start swinging my arms doing everything I could to fly but nothing working.

Then Tinkerbell comes and tells me I have to think happy thoughts. I keep trying but nothings working. Finally just before I hit the ground I yell.

"Flame On!"

Next thing I know I erupt into a ball of fire and I'm the freaking Human Torch! So I start rocketing in the air thinking I'm going to fry the crap out of Captain Hook.

That was my dream.


But in conclusion I can only say this:

Yelling "Flame On!" and shooting into the air like the Human Torch is indeed a happy thought.

Peace out.

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Jan. 15th, 2007 | 01:01 pm
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music: Tribute

You scored as Obi Wan Kenobi. Hero of the Clone Wars, Gaurdian of Luke skywalker. A true Jedi Master.


Obi Wan Kenobi


Aayla Secura


Luke SkyWalker




Darth Vader


Dark Jedi


Mace Windu


Anakin SkyWalker


Mara Jade SkyWalker


Shaak Ti


Plo Koon


Jacen Solo


Padme Amidala


Darth Maul


The Ultimate Star Wars Quiz
created with QuizFarm.com

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New Year Update!

Jan. 11th, 2007 | 06:47 pm
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mood: chipperchipper
music: 500 miles! Dadaddada!!!!!

Okay It's been a week since I moved back up to school. Thought it would be a good time to sort of check in and say what's going on and what not.

So College.

Back to College.

What are my feelings...

Oh yeah I know how I feel.


Holy Cow.

Starving College student. That's a very true statement.

On the upside of that I'm losing weight. Mostly because I don't eat as much. Because I can't. I have to be very careful in managing my food. Also that combined with me starting up my workout routine again. Yep going to lose weight.

Now there's my classes. Two classes on Mondays, Wednsdays, and Fridays. Two on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Plus one online. So far it looks like I'm going to enjoy my Tuesdays and Thursdays the best.

Which means I'm liking my English classes the best. Hmmm. Maybe my suspicion that I need to change my major to English. We'll see how well I get into the history ones.

By far my favorite class is my Playwriting class. I mean come on! How can you not enjoy that? I get a grade for writing a play? How cool is that!? Good stuff. Good stuff.

Now that said lets talk about some stuff that I'm not too keen on.

My roommates: Not sure on them just yet. I mean their okay and all but really...dunno. Their not really the type of people that I would enjoy hanging out with outside of a roommate setting.

Sadly the same thing goes for all the girls I've met so far. Last semester there were quite a few girls that I really enjoyed being with. They were cool and mature. I suppose that's one of the biggest turn ons for me.

Unfortunetly that doesn't appear to be the case with any of the girls that I've met thus far this semester. Everyone of them reeks of immaturity. Enough that it's almost like nails on a chalkboard to listen to them gab.

sigh. That part sucks.

Also talking about the girl department. Might as well talk about this too. I once again spoke with Alisha. It was...different. It was kinda hard. But on the good side I was able to put a lot of things inside me to rest about the subject.

See you have to understand. In my religion we take getting married very seriously. We don't believe that marraige has to be something that last only until "death do you part" but rather when performed by the proper authority it lasts for "Time and all Eternity."

So needless to say you don't want to screw up when you chose your spouse.

Now Alisha did this. Everytime I prayed about her. To see if this was the type of girl I should marry. I felt great about it. (I don't believe that there's just one girl or boy for anybody but at the very least you should broach God's opinion on the matter.)

Part of the big drama that happened last year was Alisha couldn't be with me because she felt God didn't want it. That confused me a lot because I felt the opposite. Also I was (still am) of the opinion that there are somethings that God commands other things (like choosing a spouse) he just give guidence, but in the end it's our call. Who knows better who we'd be happy with than us?

So why am I bringing all this up?

Part of the big depression I had last year was that I felt God had abandoned me because he either didn't tell me what was right or he didn't tell Alisha. Kinda dumb when I look back on it. Alisha was also convinced that she had a "dream man" somewhere. Some guy she'd dreamed about and it gave her the courage to leave her slimeball of a husband.

So those were the two things she clung onto. Basically that she couldn't get involved with a guy unless she was 100% sure God wanted her to. And that this guy had to be her dream guy. Which by the way begs the question...why date at all if you know what your man looks like? Just wait until you see him.

In my hyper-emotional state I blamed God for all of this and also myself.

After speaking with her again. I came to realize that it was all her. I actually feel really bad for her. She's such a wonderful person but her marraige destroyed herself confidence. She's too afraid to take any chances. Even when she knows it to be a good thing. She's built herself a little cacoon to protect her from being hurt by another man. She's given up her free will for a hope that may never come to pass.

So I'm glad I talked to her. I was able to put a lot of stuff behind me. Part of me will always love her, but I'm moving on.

Which is why I've been reallly pissed off about dreaming about her for the last 3 days in a row! Geez! Lousy dreams!

So that's been the last week. School. Roommates, old flames, no money.

Now I just hope to get better grades. Survive moniterily and find some girl that's actually worth investing my heart in. Lofty goals for 2007 but I know that it will be better than Two Oh Six.

Peace out ya'll.

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